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Elementor Pro Free Download (v3.21.3 + v3.21.7 )

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The Elementor Pro plugin free download is a good opportunity for you to have Elementor plugin premium features on your website.

What is the Elementor Pro plugin free download?

Before knowing about the free Elementor Pro download, you must know some information about the Elementor Pro plugin. Elementor Pro plugin is a premium version of Elementor plugin; it provides the most premium features and enables the Elementor Pro templates feature. Every WordPress user dreams of having the Elementor Pro plugin for their website’s page-building journey. But not everyone can afford the high price of the Elementor Pro plugin. 

So, the GNU community released the GPL version of the Elementor Pro plugin with all its premium features. It enabled them to download Elementor Pro for free and use it on their websites and its legal version of the Elementor plugin.

Is it legal to download and use Elementor Pro for free on our website?

Yes, downloading Elementor Pro for free is legal and worry-free because it comes with a GNU license (GPL), but there is only one condition that you never try to sell these files for money.

What is GNU license?

The GNU General Public License, or GNU GPL for short, is one of the open-source licenses that gives users the right to use, modify and redistribute the software. Richard Stallman developed it under the GNU Project – a comprehensive Unix-style free software operating system.

The GNU GPL is often referred to as the “copyleft” license. Any person who makes changes to or redistributes software licensed by the GPL must also open those changes and the source code used to distribute them to the public, guaranteeing later versions. It is liberating in terms of use, study, modification and distribution among its proponents.

One, the GNU GPL seeks to preserve user freedom, and two, it encourages collaborative efforts shared by all members of software development. Moreover, this open source promotes openness in source codes. Different versions of the GNU GPL include GPL-2.0 and GPL-3.0, which have their terms and conditions.

Elementor Pro Changelog (v3.21.3 – 2024-05-23)

  • Tweak: Improved Loop CSS loading structure in Loop Grid item
  • Security Fix: Addressed security weaknesses in Dynamic Tags
  • Modified controls sanitization to enforce better security policies in Code Highlight, Form, Lottie, Price List, and Video Playlist widgets
  • Tweak: Added AJAX pagination option or seamless page navigation between content in the Loop Grid widget
  • Tweak: Introduced Individual Pagination option when multiple Post widgets are on the same page, providing enhanced control over pagination
  • Tweak: Introduced Individual Pagination option when multiple Loop Grid widgets are on the same page, providing enhanced control over pagination
  • Tweak: Added a None option to the breakpoint options in Menu widget
  • Tweak: Added a horizontal scrolling option in Menu widget
  • Tweak: Upgraded minimum required PHP version to 7.3
  • Tweak: Improved accessibility when minimize button is disabled in Table of Content widget
  • Fix: Table of Content widget without icons displays undefined error
  • Fix: Hover behavior issues on menu items in Menu widget
  • Fix: Links inside Loop Carousel are not working on initial load in Menu widget
  • Fix: Popups accessible navigation adds outlines to the wrong first focusable element
  • Fix: Dropdown area aligned to the left side of the screen if contains Tabs widget in Menu widget
  • Fix: Content horizontal position not aligning correctly when used with carousel widgets in Menu widget
  • Fix: Accessibility errors in PageSpeed Insights in Table of Contents widget

Elementor Pro Plugin Free Download From techwithgoogle

  • 100% Bloatware free
  • 100% virus-free
  • 100% clean GPL file
  • 100% Easy Installation (Installation Video Included)
  • 100% Nulled Free
  • 100% Not Cracked
  • 100% Working Guarantee
  • 100% 549+ Pro Templates Added

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