10 Best Games That Started On Kickstarter

The game follows a player-customized character who is a wizard who has been asked by one of the seven gods to become the next divine and contain the void.

Divinity: Original Sin II


Undertale is an anti-rpg where demons were banished to the underground due to a war between monsters and humans.

under the tale


Characters must attempt to start a new colony by building, farming, recruiting, fighting, crafting, and more.

edge world


This is the last package he has to offer, a leg injury while traveling forces his new teammates to watch a new job swallow him up.

Kentucky Route Zero


The knight must explore the labyrinth of the kingdom, kill the three dreamers and face the source of the infection.

hollow knight


Shovel Knight has become a standalone classic over the years, with several new campaigns and spin-offs.

shovel knight


Broken Age is a hand-animated puzzle adventure game inspired by classic point-and-click titles.

broken age


The game follows a player-customized character who stumbles upon a cult ritual and awakens and becomes a vigilante.

pillars of eternity


Although the goal of the Kickstarter campaign was $10,000, at the end of the game there was a profit of over $200,000.

FTL: faster than light


Shadowrun: Hong Kong is an isometric turn-based CRPG that takes place within the Shadowrun tabletop role-playing game franchise.



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